8. Application Maintenance

8.1. Backup and Recovery

The procedures outlined in this section assume that the backed up data will be restored to the same versions of Cyber Triage and, if applicable, PostgreSQL.

Recovery actions will overwrite existing data. Be sure to import your backup data prior to using Cyber Triage to prevent data loss.

The Cyber Triage Data Folder location is defined in the Options General tab:

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PostgreSQL database backups will be based on your specific implementation - on premise, cloud, manual, automated, etc. The postgreSQL version specific documentation and/or internal processes should be referred to in developing a backup and recovery plan.

Every Collection initiated from the Cyber Triage Application (Standard or Team; not including JSON files created directly from the collection tool) generates a session file located in the directory <Data Folder>SessionFilesCyberTriage. These files function as a local flat file copy of the data ingested into the database. These files may be deleted to recover disk space or excluded in backup routines if not needed. They are not required in the event of a recovery.