9. Upgrading from v2 to v3

Version 3 of Cyber Triage® introduced a new backend database type and schema. This is a backward incompatible change and this section outlines how to make the upgrade and what is retained.

Here are some key concepts:

  • You will not be able to access data in Cyber Triage® 3 (v3) that was created in Cyber Triage® 2 (v2).

  • No v2 data is deleted, it is just not in the v3 database.

  • You can install v3 alongside v2, but only one version can be run at a time. This will allow you to access old data.

  • Your basic configuration settings from v2 will be used by v3.

  • The collection tool schema changed. The Cyber Triage® v3 UI cannot import v2 collection tool data.

9.1. Standard

If you have Cyber Triage® Standard, then you can simply install Cyber Triage® 3 and start using it with no other configuration changes.

9.2. Team

You have a couple of decisions to make when using the new Team version:

  1. Retaining Access to v2 Data: If you want clients to be able to access older data, then you should get a new host for the v3 Cyber Triage® Server. If you do not need access, then you can stop the v2 Cyber Triage® Server and start v3 instead.

  2. Database Type: With v3, you have a choice of SQLite or PostgreSQL. Choosing between them is outlined in Section 7.1.

For each client, you’ll need to:

  • Configure them to use the new Server Password.

  • Change the server address if you have a new host for the v3 Server.